Fleur Earth Experiment

Fleur Earth Experiment is a group built around the singer/songwriter Fleur Earth from Cologne. The first time i recognised her was when i discovered the netlabel iDeology. There i downloaded the Colonious Monk Collective Compilation, where i found a few tracks which had Fleur Earth featured on (by the way here is the whole discography on idiology for free!). I really fell in love with her voice and the art to let her words paint pictures in my mind but since then i never heard to much about her till i saw that she had an and upcoming release with her group FEX (Fleur Earth Experiment) on one of the freshest upcoming labels in Germany MPM.

So now we have 2009 and Fleur Earth  got hand full of dope producers (Twit One, Hulk Hodn from Huss & Hodn ->  check em out. Dope German raps with “raw-shit-instrumentals” you will defenitely like.. ) and just released an Album called Skurreal.

On the 16th of January there will be an additional 7inch release to the album wich features a remix of the track “Unbegreiflich” (free download) and a new track that goes by the name of  “Zeitleiden”.  Attention! 500 pieces only.

Unbegreiflich (Original Version; 320kps)

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