Dimlite – For Medals

Dimlite listeners & lovers have all adjusted to his style changes throughout his carrer and everybody still seems to be in love with his music no matter what direction it takes. Also because he manages to achieve such coherence in his work – don’t ask me how. Now to the cause of this post – Dimlite aka. Dimitri Grimm seems to have planned an album with the singer Elan Tamara back in 2007/2008. Since they never got it over the demo – stage it was never released. Now Dimlite decided to make this demo available for free via his bandcamp site. Also intersting because it now becomes clear that the lack of a new Dimlite full length LP did not correlate with a lack of artistic output. This release, the Prismic Tops, the upcoming Acedia Shreds EP and all the 7″ releases are slowly completing the image of this never to be realesed LP.
Don’t wanna talk too much about the music and I deeply emerge you to take your time and thrive into these 3 tracks. On thing is for sure – it’s all about singing on this one.

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