Fantastic Mr. Fox / Illum Sphere

Mr Fantastic Mr Fox explained his musical universal to the VICE Magazine community by doing a new mix for them. The interesting part of it are some “said to be” new songs of mr. fox. Always accompanied by some question marks. Even Vice doens’t know it.

1. Bjork – Hidden Sphere (Illum Remix)
2. Gold Panda – Snow and Taxis
3. Usher – Nice And Slow (Bad Autopsy Remix)
4. Fantastic Mr Fox/ Jackal Youth – ???
5. Fantastic Mr Fox – Evelyn
6. Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You
7. Jamie xx – Far Nearer
8. Someone from Night Slugs?
9. Koreless ?
10. New material by Fantastic Mr Fox ?

Download here

(via postdubstep)
/ Second Sight

But the real banger on this is his opening track: Illum Sphere remixing Björk’s Hidden Place. Sphere meets Place and the outcome is extraordinary. About a month old – seems to be a soundcloud thing – didn’t catch that one –> FREE DOWNLOAD!

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