Olden Golden

The most beautiful thing in dealing with music is missing something – a hype, a band, whatever. First of all you can redo it within an hour. Plus the compact experience of an artists “oevre” so far, gives immdiate insides into his style and musical spleens.

So here I am discovering Gold Panda. In my perception a quite loopy, indie and definitly emotional producer. Pretty loop addictive – in almost every song you can here the loop cut at the end of the sample. Not afraid to use any samplesource, together with an analouge touch of noise and a tendency to get complex at the end of each track. Danceeeey as well.

Gold Panda: "Quitters Raga" - offical (?) - who cares. 
hippster girls inside.
Definitely offical - "Snow and Taxis" by Gold Panda
Director/creator: Ronni Shendar
Definitely not offical - Gold panda - You x Fan

Again so much fan video potential. For the offical stuff and more infos visit:

–> http://iamgoldpanda.com/

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