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(No that’s not him) “bbbbees” – Beton Crew’s new expert for Iteration – has posted a nice experiment in recontextualization –> Click and follow instruction. By the way –  the shown Monk Footage was recorded in an museum in Denmark … Continue reading

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This is sick & therefore we do not want it.

Since I got some, let’s say, not really nice feedback to my post yesterday – here’s some more. Like Homosexuals in Uganda. or maybe this. OH YES I DIG!!!!! Please turn it up loud!

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Art in Downtown Los Angeles

via bts radio

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Blu + Flylo = Flu (via Trishes Jackson)

crazy video, really well done.

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Since there’s not that much happening at moment…

… two classics: The birth of Art Vandelay: and Vandelay Industries:

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Rustie vs. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (via The Message)

I sometimes tend to blame the youtube community for almost everything. don’t get confused – i’m not a reactionist. But then there a these moments when the total clash of popular films and music leads to such a great outcome. … Continue reading

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Geoff Barrow on the Krautrock Trip

I’ve been really missing out on this one – so maybe this seems a bit “over” in the fastest running world of all worlds. This is Geoff Barrow’s latest Band Project “BEAK>” which really goes in a typical Düsseldorfian Krautrock … Continue reading

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Sound Sewing

This is just dope. Can anybody sew me a T-Shirt with my music on it? ” …A great sound visualization project by Sounds.Butter. Taking a car radio and sewing machine to create this product prototype… ” via [Monster-Munch]

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Attention! Soundbomb!

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